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Carmen Aguirre

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I just finished reading Carmen Aguirre’s book “Something Fierce“.  Wow!  It was recommended to me by a friend and I must admit I reluctantly opened the covers… then I couldn’t put it down.  Its an amazing life story of a woman brought up in the resistance to the regime of Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet.  I have blogged already about the two-faced reaction of the West to crimes against humanity of Pinochet versus the alleged crimes of Assange.  Carmen Aguierre tells us what it is like to have your country, family and life destroyed so that Anaconda Copper can have cheap access to your country’s copper reserves.

I so admire this woman.  Her honesty, courage and humanity shines through her book.  She says in the interview below that South America’s struggle for freedom has been going on for hundreds of years.  It was very poignant for me to read her say that despite decades of struggle, the resistance lost the war against Pinochet.  She says that the Chilean coup was an ‘experiment’.  A corporate coup that had nothing to do with socialism versus capitalism.  It was a naked resource grab and a warning to the rest of South America not to resist the corporate takeover of their lands and resources.

Three quarters of a million bucks fine for hapless downloader

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If anybody had any illusions how badly we are losing the war against the copyright police, there is the case of Joel Tenenbaum.  Remember Napsters and Kazaa?  Ancient history on the interweb but for Joel the nightmare continues.  He now owes Sony, Warner Bros, Atlantic Records etc, $675,000 in fines for downloading some Nirvana and Green Day songs nine years ago.

In 2003, he was living at his parents house when the copyright police raided.  He was fined $5,000 but since he couldn’t afford that so he offered them $500.  The Record Industry refused and sued him.  Joel then offered them the $5,000 they originally fined him for but it was too late.  They wanted his life-blood.

When he finally went to trial six years later, he was charged by the jury $675,000 for downloading 30 songs, (the statutory minimum fine was $22,000, the maximum fine was $4.5 million).  So he got off easy??  Come on!  These are corporations gone mad with power!!  But wait, it gets even worse.

The next year a judge ruled the disgracefully high damages were unconstitutional and reduced them nine tenths, (to $67,000).  The Record Labels were enraged by that, appealed the decision and successfully reinstated the original $675,000 fine.

They ruined this poor guys’ life to threaten the rest of us?  As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I feel its time to pass the necessary laws banning corporations from doing business in our countries.  They have taken over our governments and courts.  They have corrupted our political process, stolen our tax money and poisoned our food and environment.  They act like out-of-control sociopaths and are threatening the lives and livelihoods of all people on this planet.  Its time for them to go!

Polluted, tropical beach, Guyana

Anonymous attacks 10 Downing St.

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Apparently ‘Operation Free Assange‘ has started.  Anonymous has started DDoS attacks against British government web sites in response to its continuing harassment of Julian Assange.  First the UK Dept. of Justice was hacked,  then the Dept. of Works & Pensions.. next up?.. 10 Downing St.  I have already blogged about the outrageous hypocrisy of the British government in this case.  I feel that its inevitable that this kind of cyber-war will continue as long as whistle-blowers like Assange are subject to this kind of sordid attack.

Anonymous motto.. ‘expect us’…

The mystery of the disappearing islands

In BC Polytricks on August 20, 2012 at 8:55 am

The tar-sands pipeline company Enbridge is taking a lot of heat these days for the crude (ahem) propaganda that they are flooding the airways with to justify their bogus, destructive Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal.

The flack they are getting is well deserved.  Enbridge  produced a TV propaganda video about the pipeline route through BC that ‘disappears’ two major mountain ranges and thousands of islands.  The bogus video totally misrepresents the problems of the terrain.  Its yet another classic example of  the oil industry response to its opponents.. they alternate between  bullying .. condescending… and outright bullshit.  Their insincerity is breathtaking.

Here is a link to The Tyee story with links to the original Enbridge video and then the deconstructed video showing how many island were ‘disappeared’.

Oil Tankers will run the gauntlet of huge islands, tides and fierce winds to get to Kitimat

Julian Assange versus General Pinochet

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My blood has been boiling ever since Julian Assange was discredited in Sweden two years ago.  The thing to remember is that he is wanted for ‘questioning’, he hasn’t been charged with an offence.  He is accused of a bizarre charge that could only happen in Sweden called ‘sex by surprise‘.  Swedish prosecutors have repeatedly refused to interview Julian Assange except in Sweden.  The got an extradition short-cut designed to arrest terrorists and have been hounding him ever since.  And all this over a charge that results in a fine?

I was thinking today about the contrast between Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet being put in house arrest by the British government for murder and torture charges and the intense hounding of Julian Assange for ‘sexual misbehaviour’ in Sweden.  Ironically, the same judge that tried to get Britain to hand over Pinochet to face trial for murder is now on Julian Assange’s legal team.  The British government really have succeeded in making an ass of themselves and exposed themselves (yet again) as tawdry sock-puppets for the USG.

Ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher put huge pressure on the British Government to release Pinochet, even thanking him publicly for ‘bringing democracy to Chile‘??  Pinochet was universally loathed and despised for his murderous military coup and brutal 20 years military regime in Chile.  Thatcher couldn’t have been a bigger liar!  Pinochet murdered the democratically elected President of Chile, Salvador Allende.

This week the British government ratcheted-up the pressure even further by threatening to abrogate the Vienna Convention and invade the Ecuadoran Embassy in London to snatch Julian Assange.  This bit of theatre resulted in the Ecuadoran government granting Julian Assange political asylum.

What hypocrites!  They released General Pinochet from house arrest when everybody knew that he was a murderous monster.  And yet they hound Julian Assange, obviously for showing the whole world the horrible war crimes committed by the USG in Iraq (and elsewhere).  So lets just call a spade a spade why don’t we?  We are shooting the messenger because the message is just too hard to bear.

Maggot Thatcher and Butcher Pinochet

“Baroness” Maggot Thatcher and Generalissimo Pinochet, two fricken peas in a pod!

Compared to the two above monsters who is the real criminal??

Reuters hacked for third time this month…

In Nerds only, Polytricks on August 17, 2012 at 10:31 am

Turns out that Reuters was using WordPress 3.1.1 instead of the security patched WordPress 3.4.1.  This allowed ‘someone’ from the Syrian government to hack into the Reuters blog and post false news stories.  (One of which I blogged about  earlier this month, it was about Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister being killed in a bomb attack).  I guess its a cautionary tale for us conspiracy freaks.   I’m suitably chastened.  (But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t several corporate media conspiracies to ignore important stories in the news.. ha..ha…)

I resolve to be more circumspect regarding news stories and I hope that the big corporate media learn to update their security patches.. (come on Reuters!.. this hack was exposed four years ago!)  Turns out today’s web is a snake pit of propaganda and disinformation and I’m not just talking about the discredited corporate media here.. ;o)

Reuters London “Data Centre”.. come on guys.. update your security patches before you embarrass me again!.. ;o)

A great outrigger canoe site

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Peter Vans has built a great tacking outrigger web site.  Tacking outrigger craft are boats with one larger hull and a smaller outrigger hull.  It is able to tack into the wind without moving the mast as olden-days proas had to.  So this web site is dedicated to tacking outrigger boats as opposed to catamaran or trimaran.  One advantage of these craft is that they are lighter and usually more portable than traditional cat’s or tri’s.

There are several advantages of a multi-hull over a mono-hull.  One is speed, even a planing hull sailboat can’t compete with the feather-light profile of a multi-hull in action. Another reason is that multi-hulls can carry more sail area than mono-hulls due to their much greater beam.  Mono-hulls heel over loosing their wind power, while a multi-hull’s beam allows it to keep that wind power directly in the sail.

I have been fascinated by outrigger canoe’s for years.  The colonization of the Pacific by these craft is an awesome achievement.  The voyages of discovery of European nations in the Atlantic a thousand years later pales in comparison.. ;o)  I have a theory that the ‘killer app’ that led mankind to global supremacy was the boat not writing.. but that will have to wait until another blog posting.. stay tuned..

Outrigger Canoe, New Caledonia, South Pacific

Outriggers are complicated, beautiful and highly functional.. just take a look at this Hawaiian outrigger…

Close up of Hawaiian outrigger sailing canoe.

Deer under the trailer

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The black-tail deer are like large rabbits on the island because no hunting is allowed.  I really enjoy them and they are really tame..  In fact there are several generations of deer now that have been living around here and they are totally relaxed around me.. I wouldn’t try and touch them or anything but I do sing and talk to them.. they don’t seem to mind.. ha..ha.. they generally move away when I get within six feet of them..

Sometimes I really can’t stand mankind so I’m very attached to “my” deer… it moves me that they recognize me and trust me around their little fawns…

The deer have been dozing under the trailer and chewing their cud all summer.  Sometimes I have as many as six deer under the trailer at one time! ..  Don’t quite know why they don’t just wander over to the forest and relax under some cool trees… but deer are not that bright.. they are creatures of habit…  I feel they must like the dusty soil under the trailer .. it must help with the flies and ticks of mid-summer…

Its difficult for me to get a photo on my cell phone camera because they are usually deep in the shade and so they don’t show up on the photo…Anyway I finally got a half-decent photo on my cell phone yesterday.. This doe was half in the sun .. half in the shade so you can actually see her…

trailer deer

photo of doe sitting under the trailer taken out of the window

Here is the same doe from the other side of the trailer.. she is getting nervous about me pointing my cell phone camera at her.. deer are funny creatures and I really love having them around.. (though I wish they wouldn’t make so much noise banging their heads under the trailer and waking me up etc…

trailer deer

same doe under the trailer taken from outside the trailer, she is getting nervous

Now I know that there will be those who will think that this was photoshopped.. (actually I adjusted the brightness in Gimp.. yay open source software!.. ;o) .. I wish I could get a photo of the big buck when he goes under the trailer.. he looks so great with his antlers.. problem is if he gets spooked under there..  he bangs his antlers as he rushes out making quite the racket..ha..ha…

fawn outside the trailer

fawn outside the trailer window

Here is a photo of a fawn outside window of the trailer.. little guy still has his spots ..  getting pretty big now for a fawn.. when they loose their momma they bleat out  like a lamb.. but a more high pitched mew a little like a seagull .. so it can be quite noisy here with lost fawns bleating out .. but if they hang tight then sure enough momma comes back around and finds them .. kinda like a soap opera.. but more fun to watch.. ;o)

This is why I called this blog Kloshe Mowich .. its Chinook for ‘good deer’.. that is how I think of ‘my’ deer.. my buddies.. they may be kinda dumb but they are good company!.. ;o)

Egyptian President fires Military Junta head

In Polytricks on August 12, 2012 at 10:41 am

This is huge!  Field Marshall Tantawi is on record for saying that he would never relinquish power to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Tantawi is directly responsible as head of the armed forces for the massacre of Egyptian citizens during the revolution that removed discredited President Mubarak.  Then Tantawi’s military junta ruled that the newly elected parliament be dissolved and decreed that the incoming elected President could not have control over ‘military matters’.

So after throwing down that gauntlet in the face of democratic change in Egypt there was nothing else for in-coming President Morsi to do in the end but  fire Tantawi.

The big question now is .. will there be a military-backed counter-revolution?  Will Tantawi go quietly?  There is a lot at stake here.  Tantawi is the US and Israel’s sock-puppet in Cairo.  He is well-hated by Egyptians as Mubarak’s right-hand man.  He really should be standing trial for murdering democracy demonstrators and trying to subvert the new democratic government of  Egypt.

Tahrir Square, Cairo, February 2011


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Albrecht Durer is another of my favourite artists. Even after half a millennia, his work and talent shine. I particularly like his Hare.. done is watercolour and bodycolour. Yah.. I had to look bodycolour up.. ;o)

Durer, Hare

Albrecht Durer, Hare, 1502

Who else was drawing rhinos back then? This is a classic. I have been fascinated by this since I was a kid.

Albrecht Durer, Rhinoceros, 1515

Durer was very precocious.  He drew this self portrait at age 13.

Albrecht Durer, Self Portrait at age 13!

You can tell this is still the middle ages.  I like this bagpiper.  Reminds me of my old buddy Ernie.

Albrecht Durer, Bagpiper, 1514

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